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Kremesti Environmental Consulting aims through this section to raise public awareness on scientific topics that impact the environment and Public Health. We believe that a more
educated public is instrumental to more effective environmental protection because it puts pressure on commercial entities to conform to higher standards of EHS and ofcourse
it makes the government look stupid so they have to up the legislation. We also believe that the commercial sector has a responsability to use more intelligent advertising to sell its
products in the interest of better environmental protection as well as improving the level of understanding in our societies. As they say, Knowledge is Power. And it is a double edged sword...







the zen of eating

sodium chloride chemical reaction
scientific reincarnation














Just A message to keep things in perspective....

Rampant Consumerism is at the heart of most pollution problems.... Do you really need the latest model Smart Phone?

Is that a really Smart decision? Does it make you smart? Do you really need all those clothes? The latest model car?

How about riding a bicycle for a change? Do you eat too much?

How about not using so much paper and packaging? How about the plastic waste? Do you recycle?



There is a Dutch smart ass chemist who is trying to fool people into buying his Plasma Acticated Water.... He is on TED and all....
I know it sounds cool, but this is nothing but an OZONE generator and the "Unique" properties of PAW are due to the
presence of OZONE in it.


Some chemical companies are selling bleach as a "secret" ingredient to their disinfectant which they claim
can kill all known germs and viruses and that it is environmentally friendly since it is produced by our own bodies!!!!
HELLO !!! We know that the secret ingredient is HOCl - hypochlorous acid...
Now you know what the Table Salt (NaCl) that you eat is needed for...


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