Rami E. Cremesti in Black and White - Photography

"Mystical Clarinet"

The First Day of Spring, March 21, 2002. I was at the Van Nuys Courthouse, taking care of a traffic ticket. There I met the most beautiful black woman named "Verna", as in Spring, or in Bulgarian "Truthful". I slipped her a note asking her if "She would be my first" (beautiful black woman to photograph). She smiled and said "I'll consider it". I am still hopeful she will call me.

On the way out, the most mystical figure, playing a sad, sad clarinet, with signs reading things like "To All Nations: Do Unto Others As you Would Want Others to Do Unto You..." With this man playing in the background, I realized that my mission in life is to Photograph... I decided that day that one day I will have a photography studio which I will name Krasiva...

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