Credits: Rami E. Kremesti

Title: "George"


This was George, my pet nightingale that I loved so much. Me and George we were best buddies during my miserable days at the American University of Beirut 1992-1995 during which I got my BS in Chemistry. I lived in Aley back then, "Haret El Mashayeskh" neighbourhood, which is a Druze enclave in the predominantly Druze city of Aley. On my desk you can see a photo of a fishing boat (top cut off), on the left you can see a fossil rock that I found near the Turkish Embassy in Lebanon ~1994 where I went with my best friend Rabih to get a tourist visa for his sister Diana who went to Turkey for her honeymoon with her husband. Below the fossil is a stack of applications to graduate schools in the USA. My Mettallica song book of the Black Album in the front from which I learned how to play "Nothing Else Matters". Behind George is a portrait of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche in whose books and philisophy I was madly, passionately in love back then - my atheist years. A periodic Table of the Elements is also seen to the top-right of the rock-fossil. I probably had a cold when I took this shot because there is a bottle of "Otrivin" (nasal decongestant drops from MEPHICO, the pharmaceutical co. my dad works for) and some cough syrup. Next to the bottle of Otrivin is a candle: when the electricity went out, that's what I used to study under.