Credits: Rami E. Cremesti

Zenit TTL camera, Soligor 80-200 mm zoom lens, Fujifilm Superia ISO 800, Canon tripod, cable release.

Title: "Getty Museum At Night"


This is a night shot of the Getty Museum with extended exposure (60 secs at f=5.6). I took it around 8 PM from a hill on the Getty View Trailhead off of Sepulveda Blvd on April 23, 2002. Traffic lights from the 405 Freeway created the neon distraction in the foreground. In the background in the center is the Getty Museum and on the top left is the night lights of Santa Monica and beyond. To the left of the freeway is the lights from the Getty Museum off-ramp. At the bottom is the 405 N on-ramp from Sepulveda. The "neon" lines are straight indicating heavy traffic, i.e. no cars changing lanes...

It was a beautiful full-moon-light night.

Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS
Eccé Photo

"For Love of The Sacred Awe"