Zurich Auto Show 2012


On November 10, I was at the Zurich Auto Show 2012... Some really amazing cars, bikes, tuning companies and beautiful girls...

What attracted the most attention was the Miss Zurich Auto Show, the AutoScout24 dancing girls and an ABT tuned Audi R8 that was started and revved... Hudreds of people flocked to the beautifully crackling engine...

The Lamborgini Aventador was the sexiest and most powerful car in the show...

The new Mercedes and BMW models are OK but not wow. Austin Martin had nice cars. Bentley and Rolls Royce had timeless beauties on display.

The Fisker electric car with solar cell panels on the roof, the Wiesmann roadsters and the Morgan were the most original cars in my opinion. Also the new Smart is gorgeous. McLaren were also displaying their new MP4-12C with the all Carbon-Composite ultra-lite chassis.

Visibly missing were the Ford Mustang Shelby, the Ford Raptor, and the Dodge RAM trucks and the Dodge Viper. Also no serious off-road vehicles only a LandCruiser, a G-class and a Jeep Wrangler.

Renault, Peugeot and Honda were boring. The new Civic is uglier than the older model. The CRV real boring. And the stupid show with Asimo the robot was for Children not grown ups.

Mazda was boring too. The Volvos and Seats I didn't even bother look at. The Subarus were boring. The new BRZ is nothing special.

Opel have an ugly car called Mokka !!! The Cadillacs were also boring. Most Chevy models are ugly except for the Camaro which unfortunately has a real ugly instrument console typical of American cars. Skoda nothing special except for the Yeti which is OK.

LOTUS's Elise and Exige models really hit you with how low the seats are... beautiful cars...

Volkswagen had an amazing camper called the California based on the T5. The VW Up! is really eco-friendly.

Ferrari was OK. Porsche was beautiful but nothing new... The Panamera is impressive.

Fiat has eco-friendly 500's and the Abarth's are beautiful.

The Maserattis were impressive. Range Rover Evoque I think is cheesy... Lexus and Infinity did not offer anything new. Nissan GTR is the same and the Leaf is not eye-catching.

There was a gorgeous old time Cobra and a gorgeous old timer Alpha-Romeo. The new Jags have real cheesy Supercharged insciptions on their hoods...


Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.