The Fallacy of Scientific Inimitablity (I'jaaz In Arabic) of The Koran

Below I have embarked on a small study into the Islamic concept of "Scientific Inimitablity" (in Arabic I'jaaz) of the Koran. Muslims claim that the Koran has some scientific verses that are ahead of their times. Some of them are quoted in the article below. Following the images, I have presented my proof of the fallacy. Forgive me for using foul language at times, it is not inteded to offend but to wake up...





Let me start by saying that Mohammad himself when asked to show signs (like
Jesus) said I have not come to show signs but to give a warning:

"They ask: 'Why have no signs been sent down to him [Mohammad] by his Lord?'
Say: 'Signs are in the hands of God. My mission is only to give plain warning.'" The Spider 29:~49

THEREFORE, it is my belief that I'jaaz (Scientific Inimitablity) is a pure HUMAN FABRICATION from muslims that have
"strong" faith and want to re-inforce it with their wishful deluded thinking.


1. Hippocrates (circa 460-circa 377 B.C. FATHER OF MEDICINE; traditionally but incorrectly credited with Hippocratic oath administered to graduate physicians ) - was a prominent Greek physician who lived about a thousand years before Mohammad - published VOLUMES on medicine and anatomy, and his fourth book has deep detailed studies in
embryology that the Arab physicians learned, one of whom was Mohammad's chief medical advisor. Read below with references:

“The first distinguished Arabian physician was Harets ben Kaladah, who
received his education in the Nestonian school at Gondisapor, about the
beginning of the seventh century. Notwithstanding the fact that Harets was a
Christian, he was chosen by Mohammed as his chief medical adviser, and
recommended as such to his successor, the Caliph Abu Bekr. Thus, at the very
outset, the science of medicine was divorced from religion among the
Arabians; for if the prophet himself could employ the services of an
unbeliever, surely others might follow his example. And that this example
was followed is shown in the fact that many Christian physicians were raised
to honorable positions by succeeding generations of Arabian monarchs. This
broad-minded view of medicine taken by the Arabs undoubtedly assisted as
much as any one single factor in up building the science, just as the narrow
and superstitious view taken by Western nations helped to destroy it.”


Therefore anything Mohammad uttered which sounded like a scientific medical miracle is highly likely to have been copied from scientific sources. Also, it is worthy to mention that some english translations of the Koran have a play on words with a verse that has some embryologic content. The verse is:

“Recite in the name of your Lord who created – created man from clots of blood” 96:1-2 (N.J. Dawood Translation of the Koran)

Some translations use "leech-like clot" instead of "clots of blood". The actual Arabic verse in Arabic reads "Khalaqa Al-Insaan MIN alaqen" i.e. God created man FROM A leech or clot of blood - depending on how the word "alaqen" is translated.

2. The phenomenon of shortness of breath is not miracle, since high mountains, as the Himalayas have been inhabited by Hindu gurus for as far as 6000 years BC. Considering that commercial travel was very common to the Far East back in the day, and that Mohammad was a traveling merchant, what miracle is it that someone could have heard that it is hard to breathe high up in the mountains?

3. The verse that is quoted on the oceans that dont meet is a BIG STUPID FALLACY from the writer of the idiotic article. The two oceans that dont meet, the Koran tells us elsewhere, are the River (sweet water ocean) and
the sea (salt water ocean) which dont "meet" at the river delta (i.e. one remains sweet one remains salty). Here is the verse:

"It was He who sent the Two Seas rolling, the one sweet and fresh, the other salt and bitter, and set a rampart between them, an insurmoutable barrier." Al-Furqan 25:~52

4. The verse on the deep dark ocean is purely figurative. In a dark cave, you cant see your hand either. The verse is using a figurative simile to describe the darkness of IGNORANCE.

5. The verse on regenerated skin is another scientific idiocy. Heaven and Hell are spiritual dwellings, therefore any description of suffering there, even if physical is used figuratively. But muslims have no developed faculty of understanding the Koran figuritively as the ancient school of Islamic thought used to (the Mu'tazilites) - a school of thought that has unfortunately been given up for the prevalent traditional literal understanding and reading of the Koran.

6. The stupid explanation that the Koran predicted Car and Jets is a play on words. The verse in Arabic simply says God created other things that you cannot see.

7. A verse from the Yusuf Ali translation of the Koran is sometimes quoted as proof that the Koran predicted that the Universe is constantly expanding (Modern day discovery). Following is the verse:

"We created the heavens with Our strength and power, and constantly expand them." (51:47)

This translation has some serious fabrication. The N.J Dawood translation reads:

“We built the heaven with Our might, giving it a vast expanse, and stretched the earth beneath it” 51:47

and for those that can read Arabic, they can tell this easily as the Arabic verse is only FOUR WORDS:

"Wal-Ardu Farashnaha Fani3ma Al-Mahidoon"

It is my belief that both translations are not 100% accurate as the verse in Arabic is speaking of Earth (Ardu) not the universe and how God spread it with his grace.


Finally, I want to close with the fact that the Koran tells us that Mohammad was sent to enlighten ONLY the pagan arab nation in the verse:

"Yet We have sent you forth, as a blessing from your Lord, to forewarn a nation to whom no one has been sent before..." 28:48

and my belief is that the contradiction between the majority of his teachings and those of Christianity and Judaism, is proof that he learned some Judaic and Christian teachings from the People of the Book (Christians and Jews), mis-used them and misquoted them and created a nation of misguided muslims.

Here's an article on the history of the Koran and Islam which proves that the Koran is a book that evolved from ancient texts that it contradicts which is another proof that the Koran is a product of human editing and unfortunately sometimes, mis-editing.


Finally, I make no claim to be infallible. The above is just my humble opinion on the concepts presented which I have researched.

All due respect to fellow Muslims,

Rami E. Kremesti BS, MS

Sherman Oaks, CA
November 24, 2001