Erotica L.A. 2002 - "Only In L.A"

Andro Babe

Aqua Blondie

Beautiful Face

Deja-Vu Babe

Deja-Vu Babes

Deja-Vu Showgirl

Island Babe

Devon XXX

Nicole Sheridan

Mature Star

Tera Patrick

Wow Blondie

All shots taken with manual Zenit TTL, Soligor 80-200 mm zoom lens, Toshiba 418 flash head, and ISO 200 Kodak and Polaroid color film.

Today I was at Erotica L.A. 2002 in the LA Convention Center. Just like last year... lots of gorgeous adult-movie stars, and stupid-looking, drooling men... I will never forget the sight of a beauty with a sexy behind in tight white shorts, being followed by a throng of cam-corder wielding perverts nervously recording every move of her sexy rear with wide open eyes as she was walking to her booth...

After I got back from the event, I put my camera on top of my Camaro, threw my shoulder bag in, got in the car and drove off... I was sooo tired for my senses had been over-excited. I made a sharp turn on Alvarado and 3rd, the camera flew off and the lens got busted to pieces. These were the last photos I took with my beloved 80-200 mm Soligor lens. The Zenit survived the accident...


Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS
Photographer - "Only In L.A."

June 8, 2002
Sherman Oaks, CA