Christian Orthodoxy  The Only True Faith

The Last True Rebellion

This webpage is dedicated to the one and only True Faith: Christan Orthodoxy

Orthodox churches and their founders have their Tradition and founding in the person of Jesus Christ himself. When Jesus walked the earth, he forgave sins, he healed sick people and judged unrepentant sinners. When He joined our Heavenly Father in Heaven, he left us His church and the church fathers to carry His word and He gave them the authority to blot out our sins through the mystery of Confession and be with us through the mystery of Communion.

Orthodox churches have brought the world a wealth of Elders, Saints, Miracles and Teachings which embody the spirit of Christ - the One to whom every knee shall bow and the One to whom all authority in heaven and on earth has been given...

Below I list active centers of Orthodox tradition with great monasteries, some names of the great elders of the Faith and miracle working icons as well as links to bios of some of the greatest Orthodox saints.

When i was a kid and entered Orthodox churches, I didn't quite know who many of the people in the icons were. But now that I have read many of their biographies and was deeply, heartily impressed by their lives, deaths and teachings, my experience entering and worshiping in church has changed...

I hope this webpage will be an invitation you will accept to learn more about the most beautiful and precious of all treasures - The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Holy Mount Athos - Greece

Valaam Monastery - The Mounth Athos of the North

Holy Meteora - Greece

Wadi Al Natroun - Egypt


Father Seraphim Rose: "Disneyland is the spiritual Gulag of America" 

Martyr Saint Zlata Maglenska from Bulgaria: "My father is Jesus, my mother is the Mother of God and my family are the church saints."

Martyr Saint Panteleimon - The greatest healer of the third century

Saint Onuphrius The Great

Saint Mary of Egypt

Saint Christopher (Xristoforos)

Martyr Saint Xaralampos (Charalampus) - who said to his tormentors (who flayed his skin while he was alive): " Thank you, my brethren, for scraping off the old body and renewing my soul for new and eternal life."

Saint Anthony (Antonios) The Great

Saint Ivan Rilski protector of Miners and Bulgaria

Saint George The Dragon Slayer

Saint Dimitrius

Saint Symeon The Stylite

Saint Barbara

Saint Tekla

Saint Paraskeva (Petka in Bulgaria)

Saint Sava of Serbia

Saint Nicholas of Myra

Saint Hilarion of Palestine

Saint John Damascene

Saint John Chrysostom

Saint Basil the Great

Saint Seraphim Sarovski of Russia

Saint Menas of Egypt

Saint Macarius the Great of Egypt

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Egypt

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Saints Cosmas and Damian


Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rami Elias Kremesti M.Sc.

Nussbaumen, Switzerland


Last updated: October 29, 2012