Anastas Konstantinov:
The Greatest Bulgarian Painter from Plovdiv

I discovered Anastas Konstantinov's art in 2016 in Plovdiv. I was framing something at a shop and I saw the adjacent painting there. I thought it was beautiful and unique. I inquired about the artist and realized that he has a gallery in Plovdiv Old Town which I immediately decided to visit. anastas_ichthus
I called the gallery and made an appointment. Emilia his wife welcomed me. I saw hair raising paintings and immediately decided to buy one for my collection. I bought the adjacent Megaliths. It brings back into memory the Archetypes that Carl Jung talks about... m
The Sacrifice of Abraham was one of the hair raising paintings that I saw. It brought that powerful scene from the Bible back to life... s
Song of Songs was another gorgeous painting. so
This is The Proverbs of Solomon. p
This is Reactive Ichthus which I later added to my collection. The fish with hands is a trademark of Anastas. It represents the Ichthus the acient Gnostic symbol of the Savior Christ. r
This painting is called Big and Little Man bnl

This one is called The Pious Man. The kind of man that is very hard to find these days...

Me and Anastas's hair raising painting I'm The Way way
The All Seeing Eye see
Detail from one of his Shaman series paintings
Memories from the Beach 2011

Following my first purchase in 2016 I got to meet the artist and a friendship developped between us. Unfortunately Anastas died prematurely at 61 in June 2017 from a massive stroke.

Anastas was a larger than life person. He was honest, direct and outspoken. He was a free spirit and a great cook too. He loved to listen to Jazz.

What makes his art unique is that it draws inspiration from Thracian and Christian metaphysics (i.e that which cannot be seen with the naked eye) and expresses itself in explosive colors and shapes on the canvas. His style is called Mystic Expressionism which in itself is a kind of rennaisance in a European continent which seems to be drifting away from its Christian roots. Perhaps it is not cooincidental that Bogomilism which originated in Bulgaria sowed the seeds of the Italian and French Rennaisance. Perhaps it is not coincidental that Orpheus one of the greatest poets and musicians of ancient times originated from the Rhodope mountains which are an hour south of Plovdiv... These are lands steeped in esoteric knowledge... the kind of knowledge that is only transmitted from master to student, the kind of Knowledge that only Gnostics, the early Christians knew about...

We spent several nights together in the company of friends drinking good wine, listening to good music and cooking good food. The discussions are always philosophical and spiritual. I have also become friends with his son Konstantin Konstantinov who is a rising artist and have aquired some of his paintings too.

If you visit Plovdiv, don't miss out on checking out one of the greatest if not The Greatest Thracian sanctuary for modern art in Old Town. Just google Gallery Anastas.

To view more of his paintings, visit his website.



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