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BONKA stands for Bulgaria One Nation Kind and Ancient. It is also the name of a beautiful, young, 10 year old donkey in Trankovo Village in Bulgaria.

BONKA is honest, kind, well mannered and hard working and she works for very little.... Just like most Bulgarians ... Click here to see her photo.

BONKA the NGO was founded by Boyan Doychinov and Rami Kremesti in Switzerland on August 8, 2013. They are two Bulgarians who lived and worked in Switzerland and want to create change in Bulgaria from the bottom up and from the top to the bottom as well... "Dolu gore, Gore dolu" as they say in Bulgaria ...

From the bottom to the top by creating a grass roots movement of the people and for the people, for everyone... We can organize the masses via social media and topple the current government in two days by crippling the economy and public transport... But we need to reach millions... or at least the critical mass.

from the top to the bottom by convincing the old oligarchs that what they have taken is enough and that it is time to give back to Bulgaria and its people...

When I proposed these ideas to Boyan he said you could get killed... Well my answer to that is that I will buy an old panzer G class and hire two simple but strong body guards from the village to protect me... and this will buy me respect in Bulgaria...

BONKA wants to educate the young minds and install people in power that are Altruistic and professional and technocratic: that care for the common good and know how to manage affairs efficiently.

How hard is it to create an uncorruptible judicial system comprising honest judges and honest prosecutors?

How hard it is to create an honest, efficient, trusthworthy and professional police force to protect the people and Business?

How hard is it to create independant media that are not owned by the rich oligarchs that run the country?

How hard is it to stimulate foreign investment in a European country that is Europe's gateway to the East, where land in cheap, overhead is cheap and there are many qualified young professionals??

25 years since the fall of Communism what have the different governments achieved in Bulgaria? an average pension is 100 euros and the minimum wage is 200 Euros!!!!

What did Germany achieve in 25 years after WWII? why cant Bulgaria do the same? Bulgaria was not destroyed to the ground like Germany was they have an advantage there...

Most Bulgarians are hard working and smart.... every other kid in my village Trankovo can trouble shoot basic electrical problems, take their lawn mower apart and fix it, and even take their SIMSON motorcycles apart and fix basic problems for which I am charged 500 francs here in Switzerland...

We need to create jobs for these good honest people in Bulgaria.... How hard is it to attract investment in Bulgaria? land is cheap, salaries are low and most people are decent and got quite some good sense in them....

We need to do scientific sociological studies about the make up of society in Bulgaria... then we can help people better...

We need to help the Roma integrate better and be accepted... I think they are part of the cultural wealth of Bulgaria... and I love my Roma neighbours in Trankovo dearly...

We need to help young professionals develop their skills through internships at world class technology, science and business outfits.

We need to help young students to dream and to be exposed to all the opportunities that are out there for them in the EU.

We need to remove bias against ethnically Turkish or Pomatsi people by spreading the inclusivist vision of Rumi...

We need to study success stories in Bulgaria such as Dimitar Madjarov, Happy Restaurants and the shooting of films such as Expendables and help other promising businesses become success stories.

We need to inoculate the school, vocational training and university educational system with ideas and curricula from the top schools, universities and vocational training centers in Europe...

Why do we want to do this? Well one of us is an altruist and the other is looking for the meaning of life in doing good... We are both not interested in getting materially rich so people wll trust us...

We will change this country God willing.... This is our new purpose in life....

Help us do it ! Share ideas with us! Donate and Spread the word!


Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.

Founder BONKA

Nussbaumen bei Baden


August 9, 2013


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