Some ideas for projects that can create jobs for local people in Bulgaria:

1. Encourage eco-tourism in the model of Swiss farm tourism.

There are many villages in Bulgaria that are simple and pristine and offer authentic cultural and culinary experiences. Village homes are in-expensive too.

2. Create projects that produce local products that are cheap and can be exported.

For example, wood for fire places is expensive in Switzerland/UK and can be sourced locally in Bulgaria for cheap.

Local Bulgarian products such as kashkaval and Lyutenitsa can be marketed in many places in the EU.

3. Fixing cars in Switzerland/UK is expensive. Would it be possible to connect local unemployed Bulgarian mechanics/electricians with people that have car problems in CH?

4. Collecting donated stuff in Switzerland and selling it in Bulgaria. People in CH i have noticed tend to donate real cool stuff for free.

5. Hire Bulgarian helping hands for seasonal work in Switzerland such as farming or construction.

6. Help promising businesses become success stories through strategic consulting.

7. Help the Bulgarian government in stimulating foreign investment.

8. Help students and ordinary people learn foreign languages to stimulte exchange of ideas.

9. Dental services in Bulgaria are very good and affordable. We can develop the sector of dental tourism.

10. Translate the poetry of Rumi into Bulgarian to help ethnically Turkish people to be accepted better in Bulgarian society.

11. Create positive PR for Bulgaria to attract tourists, visitors and investors.

12. Market Authentic Bulgarian products in Europe and abroad.

13. Network successful Bulgarians abroad from different walks to life to share ideas about how to help Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people

14. Promote Bulgarian real estate abroad.

15. Promote foreign investment in Bulgaria by uncovering niche markets that are specific to Bulgaria.

16. Promote Organic agriculture which is deeply rooted in Bulgarian villages.

17. Improve self esteem in Bulgarians by focusing on success stories


Created by Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.