Prominent Bulgarians - A Compilation by BONKA


Peter Petroff (October 21, 1919 – February 27, 2003) was a Bulgarian American inventor , engineer , NASA scientist , and adventurer .

Dimitar D. Sasselov ( Bulgarian : Димитър Д. Съселов ) (b. 1961) is a Bulgarian astronomer based in the United States . He is a Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and director of the Harvard Origins of Life Initiative.

Minko Balkanski: Born 1928 in Oriaxovitsa near Stara Zagora, is a professor of physics at the University of Sorbonne - Marie and Pierre Curie in Paris. Over 30 books published and 2000 articles. For his contributions to science, Professor Balkanski received France's highest distinction, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of France, as well as Chevalier of the National Order of Merit of France.

Ivan Nikolov Stranski ( Bulgarian : Иван Николов Странски ; German : Iwan Nicolá Stranski ; 2 January 1897–1979) was a prominent Bulgarian physical chemist .

The founder of the Bulgarian school of physical chemistry, Stranski is considered the father of crystal growth research. Stranski headed the departments of physical chemistry at Sofia University and the Technical University of Berlin , of which he was also rector . The Stranski-Krastanov growth model and the Kossel-Stranski model have been named after Ivan Stranski.

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