Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS



Chemistry Teacher/Tutor

Email: rami@kremesti.com

"The most important skill to teach is the burning desire for knowledge and
enlightenment. If you impart that to your student, your most important mission
as a teacher is accomplished."




Introductory Statement:

My motto in teaching chemistry is simple: Break down Chemistry into basic principles that make common sense and teach it in a fun, didactic and exciting way, encourage independent thinking and convey the depth and the practical applicability and every-day-life importance of the science of chemistry. My philosophy is to encourage the timid students, challenge the gifted ones and not just teach raw knowledge but at the same time be a mentor and friend to my students. "Praise and encouragement are some of the most important people builders" a people coach once told me. But I also believe that a true friend is "a hard bed" as the saying goes. A good friend pushes his friends to live up to highers standards... A good friend, like a good society, offers "Resistance". That is the beauty of democratic societies, because, resistance is prerequisite for "soul growth" as Rumi would put it.  I keep abreast the latest cutting edge research in Chemistry and Biochemistry and I always try to bring to my students a glimpse of this exciting, cutting edge science and technology. But I don't mind telling them about the Limits of Science either... To push them to explore other areas of human thinking (and non-thinking spirituality).


Chemistry Related Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


- Substitute teaching in Chemistry at the high school and college levels. Superb knowledge of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior level College chemistry.

- Two and half years of experience as a Teaching Assistant in Graduate School. Received superb student TA evaluations. Taught freshman chemistry lectures and conducted chemistry labs to talented high school freshman students taking college credit.

- Several years of experience in one-on-one tutoring in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Trained Ivy West tutor in SAT I, II (Math 1C and 2C), and ISEE.

- Worked as Subject Matter expert in Chemistry for APConnection.com (Online AP Exam prep site) and developed many online terms and practice AP Chemistry tests.

- Several years of experience in chemistry lab techniques.

- Superb professionalism in people skills. Effective communicator. Talent for making learning exciting and fun.


Other Subjects of Expertise:


-   High school graduate of tough French Baccalaureate Math program (Matheleme 1992).

-   Knowledge of advanced Physics, Biology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology.

-   Professional Photographer: experience in digital photography and retouching, 35 mm photography.

- Tetra-Lingual and Multi-Cultural: I am fluent in English, Arabic, Bulgarian and French. I am of a multi-cultural background and a passionate reader in the humanities.





Relevant Experience:


·  Chemistry Tutor for many Los Angeles high school and college students for past 3 years (view student testimonies at:


·  Former substitute Chemistry highschool teacher at Brentwood School, Brentwood, Los Angeles, January and February 2002

· Chemistry teacher for two years at University of North Texas.

·  Trained Ivy West tutor in SAT I and II Math and ISEE September 2001

·  IT Consulting: cremesti.com and Spherion Technology (spherion.com), 1999-2001





·  MS in Chemistry, University of North Texas, GPA 3.74     May 1998

·  BS in Chemistry, American University of Beirut, Honor List      July 1995

·  Self taught photographer, classes in web and graphic design and passioante reader in the Humanities.

Areas in which my students show considerable progress in after I work with them are:

1. Grades
2. Sense of Direction
3. Self-confidence
4. Self-reliance
5. Dealing with exam stress and anxiety
6. A deeper appreciation of math and science
7. Discipline
8. Independant thinking
9. Test-taking strategies
10. The college/university application process
11. Career-planning