Contaminated Soil Remediation


Common soil contaminants can be of biological nature (bacteria, viruses), heavy metals, organic industrial pollutants (such as petroleum products, herbicides, insecticides), acids, bases, volatile organic compounds, radio-nuclides or solvents.

Soil treatment technologies include:

1. Chemical neutralization - using chemicals such as CaOH2 or Sodium Bi Sulphate to adjust the pH of the soil

2. Using oxidizing agents to oxidize POP's (persistant organic pollutants)

3. Aeration

4. Bioremediation - using bacterial cultures to break down the pollutants

5. Phytoremediation

6. Heating of soil

7. Pump and treat systems

8. Disinfection

9. Soil washing


Compiled by Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.