"Yasmeen" - A Flower of Allah from Egypt



More photos of Yasmeen below...

(Zenit TTL, Fuji Color Superia X-TRA ISO 400 film)


This is Yasmeen in her Wedge Project T-shirt doing the "Wedge-head" salute. The Wedge, in Newport Beach, California, is a dare-devil, world-famous, notorious, big-wave body-boarding spot .

This look becomes her, because Arab women are very opinionated and fastidious, and when they want to tell you that they will do as it pleases them, they put a finger to their temple, kind of like in this photo and they tell you "Horra !" which means in Arabic: "I am Free - [to do as I please]"....

Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS - Photographer
Eccé Photo and Krasiva

"For Love of The Sacred Awe"

Wedge>Head Yasmeen

Yasmeen -
Against The Wall

Water Bed




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