Belly Dancing Competition - Knitting Factory, NoHo May 14, 2002

Color Feast In Motion

Color Feast In Motion II

Inexplicable Gaze

The Look of Eternity

Color Feast In Motion III

The Veil

Adam Basma I

Adam Basma II

Adam Basma Girl I

Adam Basma Girl II

Adam Basma Girl III

2nd-3rd Runner Ups

3rd Runner Up

Adam Basma Girls


May 14, 2002 at the Knitting Factory, in North Hollywood, I had the good fortune of obtaining a press pass to photograph a belly dancing competition organized by Oojami`s Bellydancing Breakbeats and the Adam Basma Dance Company.

I was dumbfounded by the beauty and skill of these gorgeous belly dancers. The music was amazing as well. I have picked some of the photos that I took that memorable night.

Many thanks to Luna Daniels and the management at the Knitting Factory for the press pass.

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Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS


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