Café Habibi Middle-Eastern Krasivas

Iranian Krasiva

Big Sad Iranian Eyes

Iranian Krasiva II

Iranian Krasiva III

Jackie - Egyptian Coptic Krasiva

Jackie II

Last night I was at Cafe Habibi in Westwood, Los Angeles. I had the good fortune of meeting and photographing some gorgeous middle eastern women: Armenian, Iranian, Turkish, Egyptian and Lebanese. It is my dream to bring recognition of middle-eastern beauty to Hollywood - I am starting from Café Habibi...

Zenit TTL camera, Soligor 80-200 zoom lens or Helios 44 mm lens (for Sad Eyes), Toshiba 418 flashhead, Fujicolor XTRA ISO 400 film at shutter speed of 30X and f-stops varying from f=8 to f=16 depending on distance to subject (4-8 meters)

June 8, 2002

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Shirley - Assyrian Russian Krasiva

Number 77

Cafe Habibi Babes

Iranian 17-Teen Beauty



Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS



"Shrine Tribute to Beautiful Women"


PS: Any middle-eastern women from the Los Angeles area interested in modeling, I'm always looking for new models to work with in the production of images for this site and other personal works. On projects such as this, the shooting is done on the basis of a trade of services (modeling for photography) which is worked out between the model and myself before the shoot (a signed model release along with a photo ID is required for all shoots). Please email me for more info. Click here to read my auto-biogrpahy.