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Bahnaz Thoughtful...

Bahnaz is from Iran. "Bah" is an adjective that describes someone who is good at something. "Naz" is a person who caresses.

Bahnaz is into spiritualism. I told her to take a look at the poems that I had compiled for krasiva.com (see home page). She told me later she knew Gibran Khalil Gibran and read him whenever she needed to clear things up in her head.

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Bahnaz Smiling...

I met Bahnaz in one of my Dreamweaver 3.0 classes of Spring 1999. She gave me these photos of hers yesterday. She was scanning them for her Graphic Design class which we are currentlty taking at the local community college.

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Bahnaz Dancing...

A photo that appeared in a local newspaper in Palm Springs where she went to college. Here she appears in traditional, folk Iranian dress performing a little dance.



PS: Comments by Rami E. Cremesti - September 7, 2000