Environmental Consulting Mission Statement and A Little Bit of History:


Kremesti Environmental's mission is to remove and recover pollutants from air, soil and water using the latest technology and science available to protect the environment, help industry function more efficiently and protect public health.

This is environmental engineering in a nutshell.

We bring our experience in industrial water treatment/power station chemistry specifically to solve water treatment design, construction and commissioning problems. We believe that an indepth knowledge of pollutants and the technologies available to remove or recover them is the key to greener living.

We also believe in increasing public awareness of the environmental and social issues that face planet Earth and its inhabitants in order to encourage truely Eco living. Eckhart Tolle believes that "External Pollution" is a result of "Inner Pollution"... I totally agree with that theory. Mental pollution is the worst kind of pollution... The ultimate source of most pollution problems is rampant consumerism and over population... was founded in Los Angeles in 1999 by Rami E. Kremesti as an IT Consultancy specializing in web design and technical writing and has since evolved into Environmental Consulting.

We are passionate about Peace Activism, Social Activism, and Photography. We believe it's not what you do that matters but how you do it and that this helps you to grow as a spiritual human being.

Our core values are: Quality and Professionalism - Honesty - Selflessness - Creativity - Courage - Love - Truth and Justice. We are fiercely independant, brutally honest and straight shooters.




Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc., CSci, CEnv, CWEM- Founder and Managing Director

Kremesti Environmental Consulting Ltd.


Last Updated September 14, 2017

Plovdiv, Bulgaria



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