>> 2011

kremesti.com Relaunches as Kremesti.com

>> 2005-2010

Rami Cremesti builds experience in industrial water treatment area

>> 2004

kremesti.com launches new educational consulting package: "The SAT II Chemistry Boot Camp", designed as an intensive, 20-hour course in guerilla, SAT test-taking strategies. The increasing demands on Ivy-League bound students to take more than the usual "3 SAT" requirement (some are taking up to 10 SAT's), has put tremendous pressure on high school students. This course is designed to teach SAT Chemistry intensively, with an innovative didactic aproach.

>> 2003

kremesti.com wins projects to build two websites in Lebanon: ArEnCo and AUB Bulletin Online . New collection of photos entitled "This is My Lebanon II -Impressions from A Dark Winter" added to AMALID.COM

>> October 2002

Rami E. Cremesti to exhibit his photography at Orthodox Art exhibit in LA River Center & Gardens on November 8, 2002.

>> April 2002

kremesti.com is now kremesti.com Enterprises soon to incorporate. The name change was undertaken to reflect the more diverse interests of kremesti.com which now include in addition to Internet Consulting, Photography, The Wedge >> Project, Krasiva.com and AMALID. Two kremesti.com photos were selected to be published in Belgian newspaper "The Voice" in April 2002.

>> March 2002

"For The Love of The Scared Awe..."

kremesti.com debuts "Ecc>> Photo" section featuring Rami E. Cremesti photographic collections.

>> May 2001

A great new set of photos, titled "This is My Lebanon - Photos from Lebanon , April 2001", has been added to the portfolio of kremesti.com. Please click here to take a tour.

>> December 2000

kremesti.com celebrates 1 year annivesary. Click here to view photo of cake.

>> October 2000

October 02, 2000

kremesti.com announces plans to break into the field of streaming media: video, live radio, live cams, and other downloadable media (wav's, mp3's, avi's, midi files, etc.). Read the announcement by our CEO.

>> September 2000


kremesti.com hires new intern to work on researching and developing krasiva.com sections. Portraits of Beauty and the By Country section are under development. The Portraits of Beauty section is going to feature paintings and aesthetic philosophies of great painters who had a deep obsession with female beauty.


kremesti.com develops new concepts for krasiva.com. Two new "Shrine Tribute to Beauty Goddesses" are launched: Shrine Tribute to Italian Goddess Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Shrine Tribute to Japanese Goddess Satomi Yoshida


kremesti.com inaugurates new section on HorzontalRain.com. The Big Wave Photo gallery.

August 2000

kremesti.com launches beta versions of KRASIVA.COM and HorizontalRain.com, two kremesti.com concepts.

kremesti.com wins contract with Mat Factory Inc.. Services provided: Search engine visibility boost, monthly search engine re-submission and monthly visibility reports.. kremesti.com GUARANTEES top-20 positioning among top search engines using proprietary technologies.

>> July 2000


Completion of redesign of Mamey Investment Corporation website. Website theme changes from Maroon and Black to Navy Blue and Gray. Cascading style sheet roll-overs implemented.>> Bid for complex rollovers in the making.


kremesti.com completes design of The Wedge logo. Theme developed after the notorious surfing spot in Newport Beach known as "the wedge". kremesti.com to develpo the concept into full-fledged line of clothes, surfing products, stickers, banners, etc.

>> May 2000


kremesti.com enhances navigation of site by redesigning the links on kremesti.com using Cascading Style Sheets programming. "Belles Photos" section is also redesigned for easier navigation and more elegant display.


kremesti.com laying plans to get incorporated by end of June. kremesti.com chooses MyCorporation.com as legal advisor for the incorporation process.


kremesti.com announces intention to become a member of the Better Business Bureau by the end of June.


kremesti.com bids on redesign of Robert Conti's (yes, The Robert Conti - the famous jazz guitarist) website RobertConti.com

>> April 2000


kremesti.com to develop Marketing Plan for major e-commerce enterprise before first round of funding possibly secured by Mark Doumani, VP Business Development for TheBigHub.com


kremesti.com and VP Business Development of TheBigHub, Mark Doumani, to meet April 22, to discuss possible partnership to develop kremesti.com e-commerce enterprises.


kremesti.com announces intention to hire ten web development sales reps for the Orange County area in California. Advertisements in local newspapers and JOBTRAK are posted.


March 2000

>> 3/27/2000

kremesti.com announces plans to acquire new computing and networking hardware
for its headquarters in Irvine.

>> 3/24/2000

kremesti.com adds new website to their portfolio: Universal Net Inc.
The look of Universal Net was completely redesigned from scratch.
The new site is fresh and clean compared to the old site.

>> 3/23/2000

kremesti.com announces intention to hire marketing research consultants
to do the market analysis for the business plans of some internet projects.
Please refer to our employment link for details. The services of these
consultants will be retained for helping kremesti.com clients develop
their own BP's.

>> 3/21/2000

kremesti.com launches local media campaign. Advertising and mailings are
used as a medium to reach potential clients in the Orange County area.

>> >> February 2000


kremesti.com completes development of Maymey Investment Corporation's
corporate website. The site is launched at http://mamey.net/


kremesti.com completes design of corporate website of Liberty Cabinets Inc.
Site is laucned at http://LibertyCabinetsInc.com.


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