Dear Sir/Madam:


My name is Rami E. Cremesti and it is an honor to me that you have interest in my skills and experience. I hold a BS and MS in chemistry and have 4 years of industry experience in the Information Technology sector. I earned my BS in chemistry (1995 - American U. of Beirut - 2 time Dean's List Honoree ) with a specialization in organic synthesis and chatacterization and my MS (U. of North Texas 1998, GPA 3.74) in semiconductor chemicals contamination control and detection and silicon surface modification and characterization.


After graduation, the semiconductor sector was not doing that good, so I took computer classes and got into the IT sector. I found my niche in web/graphic design and technical writing. I freelanced and I also worked as a consultant for a Fortune 500 (Spherion) documenting software systems and developing training materials. There I was honored as one of the most energetic employees in June 2001, right before the sector collapsed and I was hit by a massive wave of consultant layoffs.


Since then I have been freelancing and I am currently in the job market for a position that would capitalize on my background and skills. I consider my strengths to be my strong science background, my IT experience, and superb technical writing and communication skills.


Editorial positions in the science publishing industry, QA or Engineering Support positions in Science/Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies, and IT technical writing/training positions in Science/IT companies are some positions that would be of great interest to me. It also very important to me to be/get into some managerial track, because I feel that my leadership and people skills are some of my greatest strengths.


I am currently residing in Santa Monica, California and I am volunteering in a UCLA pharmacology research lab to get exposed to Biotech research.


I can be reached via cell phone at 310-907-6382 or via email at


I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS



Rami E. Cremesti

1828 16th Street #7