Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc., CSci, CWEM, CEnv

Chartered Water Treatment Specialist - Power Station Chemist

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Email: rami@kremesti.com

http://kremesti.com/water/ - Water Treatment Page 


Summary: My passion in chemistry was evident in 9th grade in highschool (Brevet in French Baccalaureate system). It continued through highschool where i graduated top of my class from Rawdah Highschool one of the toughest highschools in Beirut, Lebanon (with a focus on Math, chemistry and Physics). I majored in Chemistry at the American University of Beirut where I got my BS in 1995, making it twice on the Dean's Honor List. I also did some research in Organic Synthesis under Dr. Paul Bassin. In 1996 I moved to the USA where I got my MS in Industrial Chemistry from the University of North Texas specializing in silicon surface science, contamination detection and control and demin water production. I did research with Dr. Oliver Chyan from the Chemistry department and Dr. Perez from the Physics department. For the next 6 years I worked mostly in IT as a web designer and technical writer. The Semicondcutor sector was not hiring. In 2005 I moved to Saudi Arabia to take on my first water treatment challenge at Nalco Saudi. Since then I have been working in the water treatment sector and my passion for chemistry continues... I have 11 years of experience in design, construction, commissioning and operations of water/waste water treatment plants with an emphasis on power stations (Gas and Coal). Superb management and leadership skills. Fluent in English, Arabic, Bulgarian and conversant in French. German A2 Level completed and continuously improving. Dual nationality: Lebanon and Bulgaria. Age: 42. Divorced with 2 children. What makes me unique is that I combine my technical knowledge with a passion for improving people's lives.


- M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas 1998 - GPA 3.73 (Full teaching/research assistantship) – Area of specialization: Ultra-pure water production, contamination detection and control, Silicon surface science.
- B.Sc. Chemistry, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 1995 - Dean’s List
- ALSTOM sponsored David H Paul CBT training on Reverse Osmosis Operation and Maintenance and Demineralization. Certificate in RO Operation and Maintenance (2011)
- ALSTOM Online Training – Six Sigma and DMAIC methodology.
- AES sponsored power plant training visits: Kilroot (Ireland), Cartagena (Spain), Barka (Oman), Florina (Greece) and Tisza/Borsod (Hungary), June-July 2007.
- Hager-El Sasser sponsored training visit to water treatment plant in Hamm-Uentrop Power Station, Germany. 2008.
- AES sponsored GPI Learning online course in Power Plant Operations.
- AES sponsored training seminar in ISO 17025 Accreditation of Laboratories at the Bulgarian Accreditation Service, Sofia, September 2007.
- AES sponsored training seminar on REACH legislation at the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Sofia, November 2007.
- AES sponsored training in lignite analysis/ISO 17025 accreditation at AMEES Labroratory, Radnevo, Bulgaria. November 2007 – December 2007.
- Norfalco training course on Sulfuric acid safety: Properties, First Aid, Transport and Unloading.
- IOSH training course “Managing Safely”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria March 11-14, 2008
- IOSH Training Course "Legionella Management for Responsible Persons", Manchester UK 2016
- Nalco training program in water treatment engineering (power generation, cooling systems, water chemistry and wastewater treatment), and industrial safety (Safety On Site TM), Dammam, KSA and Dubai - 2005

Chemical/Biochemical Research Skills:

- Experience in industrial water treatment: boiler water treatment (corrosion inhibition, O2 scavenging, anti-scalant and dispersant programs), cooling systems (exchangers, chillers, closed cooling water loops, cooling towers programs used: corrosion inhibitors, anti-foulants, biocides, algicide, dispersants), and waste water treatment (ionic and polymeric coagulants/flocculants).
- Water quality experience (tests: PH, conductivity, Fe, Silica, free Cl2, Ca, Mg, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Zinc, Phosphate, P and M alkalinity, hydrazine, dissolved oxygen, sulfite, etc.).
- Potable/domestic/waste water/RO systems design experience
- Understanding of water system failures and their metallurgical and chemical root causes.
- Understanding of Styrene, EDC, VCM, Olefins, Ethylene, and Utilities industrial processes.
- Operated/maintained advanced analytical and surface characterization equipment such as HPLC, LC/MS, GC, Potentiometers, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, FTIR Spectrophotometer, Atomic Force Microscope, IR, NMR.
- Experience working in Clean Room and designing/implementing experiments in analytical chemistry to measure various organic and inorganic analytes.
- Undergraduate research in Organic synthesis, purification and characterization (wet bench techniques, IR, NMR, Mass Spectrometry, distillation, separation techniques, characterization, purification, Chromatography, TLC).
 Click here for Scientific projects.

Pharma Industry Experience:

- Excellent knowledge of cGMP
- Knowledge of Ultra Pure Water for Pharma monographs and guidelines (FDA, USP, Ph.Eur)
- Qualification and Validation experience
- API Synthesis, and purification experience
- Graduate school course in Pharmacology


Semiconductor Vertical Industry Expertise:

- Masters degree in Industrial Chemistry with focus on Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control, contamination detection and control, ultra-pure water production and Silicon Surface Science .
- Experience working in Silicon Clean-Room and designing/implementing experiments in Silicon Surface Science. - Operated advanced Surface Science equipment such as STM, SEM, FTIR, Silicon Wafer handling equipment.
- Courses in Materials Science, Silicon modeling, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Characterization.
- Graduate-level academic research in Statistical Process Control, Quality Assurance (ISO), Biosensors, Electro-Potentiometric Voltametry, CVD, UHV Systems. 

Chemistry Teaching Skills:

- Two and half years of experience as a Teaching Assistant in Graduate School. Received superb student TA evaluations. - Taught freshman chemistry lectures and conducted chemistry labs.
- Several years of experience in one-on-one tutoring in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Trained Ivy West tutor in SAT I, II (Math 1C and 2C), and ISEE. GRE Chemistry Score: 89%. KAPLAN GRE Diagnostic: 96%. ACE Educational Diagnostic SAT II Chemistry Score: 800.
- Worked as Subject Matter expert in Chemistry for APConnection.com (Online AP Exam prep site) and developed many terms and practice AP Chemistry tests.
- Several years of experience in chemistry lab techniques.
- Talent for making learning exciting and fun through didactic methind of teaching.
- Strong presence in class room.

Project Management/Leadership Skills:

Exposure to project plan development, risk management, quality management, change management and project proposal processes and requirements definition. Experience interacting with various departments within a company. Have diplomacy and conflict resolution skills. Ability to develop and foster positive business and professional relationships. Ability to use various software to monitor project progress and produce statistics, graphs and charts. Possess confidence and innate sincerity in dealing with people.

Sales and Business Development

- Consultative Selling through Return On Investment (ROI) concept,
- Marketing Research, lead generation and development
- Business development initiatives/calls
- Developing collateral material and writing introductory letters, and sales training
- Exposure to recruiting processes
- Hands-on experience in developing marketing initiatives in industry specific sectors through specialized company research and contact development.
- Ability to conduct competition research. Team player.


Technical Writing / Business Process Analysis Skills:

Superb technical writing skills and impeccable English: proposals, documentation, corporate communications, marketing collateral, press releases, etc. Keen eye in proofreading. Business/programming systems analysis, requirements gathering and project scoping. Development of training materials, manuals and systems implementation support material. Work with developers to create technical design specifications and maintain accurate documentation of software. Ability to grasp complex technical concepts such as data structures, coding algorithms, OO Design, RDBMS, normalization of databases, networking, and code management and communicate them quickly through exceptional writing and verbal communication skills. Meticulous research and editing skills with special attention to detail and accuracy. See samples of technical writing.

Web/Graphic Design Skills:

Dreamweaver MX, experience in web hosting packages. Photoshop CS, Illustrator 9.0, GIF Animation, some Flash.
Online design portfolio: http://kremesti.com/portfolio/

Photography Skills:

Professional 35 mm and digital photography. Passion for Portrait Photography and Fine Art. Click here to see portfolio.


Speak, read and write: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, and some French. English-Arabic translation and annotation experience. Experience in proofreading.


Work Experience:


Kremesti Environmental Consulting Ltd, Plovdiv, Bulgaria,    March 2016 – Present

As Managing Director, developing the business network of Kremesti Environmental and bidding on projects in Europe and the Middle East. Involved also in Environmental activism. Consulting on various projects.


Duro Felguera, Carrington Power Station, Greater Manchester, UK   February 2015 – March 15, 2016

As Commissioning Chemist:

  • Developed the Site Chemistry Management Plan for commissioning phase
  • Supported erection department in Erection supervision of water pretreatment and water treatment plants (OVIVO)
  • Supervision of Commissioning of Water Pre-Treatment and Water Treatment Plants
  • Supervision of chemical dosing and sampling equipment at the power station
  • Developed Risk Assessment and Method Statements for chemical dosing and sampling systems
  • Trained EHS personnel in chemical safety and improved COSHH compliance on site
  • Prepared the commissioning documentation
  • Toolbox talks on chemicals safety and environmental awareness (sulfuric acid, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, Eco Labels)
  • Developed awareness about the Risk of Legionella and developed presentations and a Risk management/control plan based on the EHS L8 ACOP
  • Lead efforts for mCERTS certification according to UK Environmental Agency permit
  • Supported HRSG Boiler alkaline cleaning
  • Supported HRSG boiler dry air preservation
  • Chlorination of potable water network on site according to BS 8580
  • Supported the Environmental Manager in achieving effluent emission requirements through chemical analysis and effective chemical treatment of effluents
  • Saved the company 70,000£ in procurement of mobile demin water treatment provider for steam blow
  • Elected by majority vote as Representative of Employee Safety (ROES) due to many contributions to site safety and EHS culture

Kremesti Environmental Consulting, Babylon, Iraq, November 2014 – February 2015

As Commissioning Specialist for the Novasep process at the Etihad Sugar Factory (250 Million Euro BMA project) in Babylon, Iraq:

• Participated in the FAT for Siemens Simatic PCS7 PLC at Bossard in La Roche Sur Yon, France.
• Checked erection completion of equipment, instruments and piping on site.
• Trained local engineers in water treatment, brine/caustic preparation/recovery and decolorization process
• Supervised cold and hot commissioning of the brine preparation, brown sugar syrup decolorization and brine recovery (using NF) processes.
• Improved EHS on site by reporting on safety and environmental issues and labeling of all equipment especially chemical equipment with safety signs.
• Advised owner and local engineers on implementing EHS culture on site.


ALSTOM Power Switzerland, Baden CH- March 2012 - October 2014

As Engineering Specialist - Water and Waste Water Systems, reviewed/developed technical specifications for Waste Water Systems which include oil water separator, sewage treatment plant, hot blowdown cooling system and various pumping systems. Reviewed offers and documentation from suppliers. Responsible for waste water system PID, system manual and waste water source list. Coordinated with Electrical, I&C, Civil and Arrangement departments in aspects relevant to water and waste water treatment. Developed detailed calculations for waste water systems.

ALSTOM Power Poland, Belchatow PL - February 2010 - February 2012

As Turnkey Manager for the water treatment plant at the ALSTOM Belchatow 858 MW power station, managed Remak Rozruch, the subcontractor contracted to commission the water treatment plant which includes two lime softening clarifiers and chemical dosing equipment, sand filtration plant and ion exchange plant for demin water production. Also supported commissioning of the main cooling and water steam cycle sampling and dosing systems.

AES Maritza East 1 Power Station, Galabovo, Bulgaria April 2007 – January 2010

As Water Treatment Plant Supervisor at the biggest at the time Balkans EU investment project, I was brought in at the early construction phases of the AES Maritza East 1 power station to participate in the engineering review and oversee water treatment plant construction at the power station and to prepare the plant for the commissioning and operations phase of the project. Part of my duties are: Training operators and chemists on plant operation and water quality monitoring. Contributed to the understanding/critique of water treatment/analysis systems during the engineering phase. Supporting the environmental department in IPPC permitting efforts and water analyses. Supporting procurement in establishing quality chemical suppliers and spare parts. Supporting efforts for REACH compliance. Leading efforts for accreditation of the lignite lab according to ISO 17025. Involved in the recruitment of new operation and maintenance personnel and preparation of technical testing materials. Commissioned the water treatment plant which includes FLOCOPAC clarifiers, sand filters, active carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis units, potable water treatment plant, a mixed bed polisher, chemical unloading and dosing equipment and a lignite and water analysis lab.

Construction experience: Civil works, erection supervision, PP/SS/CS/GRP/PVC piping systems, hydrotests, erection turnover inspection.

QA/QC Experience: Participated in many electrical, mechanical, welding, and civil inspections. Operations experience: trained operators on monitoring plant parameters and entering data in various journals, developed SOP procedures, developed plant operator routes.  

Kremesti.com Consulting 2001 - 2005

Founded Consultancy in Los Angeles, CA with entrepreneurial mission. Consulted on a variety of IT and Science related projects in the areas of design, development, marketing and science education. Also mentored and tutored many students in high school and college in the subjects of Chemistry, SAT I and II Math and AP Chemistry. Worked on proofreading several Organic Chemistry research-grant proposals.

Sample Internet consulting projects click here.

Watermsater SARL - November 2005 - August 2006

As water treatment specialist, designed potable, domestic, and waste water treatment systems, developed a chemical water treatment product/program line, and developed a water/deposit analysis lab. Supported procurement, R&D, maintenance and QC efforts as well. Assisted company director in developing company marketing material.

Nalco Saudi, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia December 2004 August 20, 2005

As industrial water treatment Application Engineer, working on the boilers and cooling systems of SABIC petrochemical industrial complexes SADAF and Petrokemya. My job consisted of weekly sampling of boiler and cooling water installations, analysis, program report writing and interaction with client process engineers, production teams, supervisors and plant operation personnel. Used Consultative Selling approach to identify new water treatment applications. Serviced Styrene, Utilities, Olefins, Ethylene, VCM, Polystyrene plants and a cooling tower. Within Nalco, I interacted with sales, distribution, production, lab, and the applied services departments as well as management.

U.C.L.A.   8/10/2003 - 3/15/04

Did lab rotations in various UCLA bio/chemistry and molecular biology research labs. One rotation was in a pharmacology lab that does research on brain plasticity and the genetic and proteomic mechanisms behind neurological development. I learned various molecular biology techniques such as Westerns, PCR, In Situs and I assisted one of the researchers in writing a research grant proposal. Assisted a Chemistry professor in writing an NIH grant proposal and proofread a lot of her later research grant roposals. Worked in Mass Spectroscopy lab on a project studying a protein's affinity and binding profile using LC/MS.

LANGUAGE WEAVER (languageweaver.com), Marina Del Rey, California  - Summer 2004 As an Arabic language specialist, I ran tests on the company's proprietary statistical language translation software in its Arabic-English capacity.

IPOWERSUPPORT (ipowerweb.com), Santa Monica, California - Winter 2004 As a technical support specialist, assisted clients in troubleshooting problems with their websites.

APCONNECTION.COM 09/00 - 11/00

As Website Technical Lead and Subject Matter Expert developed online Chemistry Section for the Advanced Placement preparation website. Administered Chemistry Section, participated in developing online marketing campaign and proposed effective solutions that were implemented, and introduced major technical improvements to the site design. Directly worked with executive management to create value-adding features to company site. Undertook task of boosting company website visibility to Top-10 on the major search engines through cutting edge positioning technology acquired through careful selection of third party vendors. Company sold equity stakes to Microsoft and major test preparation giant.

MAMEY INVESTMENT CORPORATION  Irvine, Orange County, California 02/00 - 09/00

As Web Consultant completely redesigned and recreated company website and image from previous FrontPage template type of design. In later stages, navigational scheme was further developed and enhanced using JavaScript complex rollovers. Worked directly with executive management to develop/redesign content of the website. Delivered to complete customer satisfaction.

UNIVERSAL NET INC. Newport Beach, Orange County, California 02/00 - 04/00
As an Independent Internet Consultant developed e-commerce and static websites for clients (using DreamWeaver, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Cashier 3D for e-commerce back-ends). Developed project proposals, met with clients to discuss needs and shape goals and e-strategies, created online corporate identities, trained personnel in web design, web programming and graphic design programs, and re-designed the company website.

SUPERIOR BUSINESS NETWORK Newport Beach, Orange County, California01/99 - 02/00

As a Webmaster designed and implemented websites and web ads for SBN and client companies with a myriad of backgrounds. Exposure to online advertising campaigns. Direct interaction with the development department on inter-disciplinary projects. Trained New personnel in web design software. Introduced innovative design techniques to the graphics department.

THE BIG HUB - Newport Beach, Orange County, California02/99 - 06/99

As a Webmaster / Corporate Communications developer, developed company website, and researched competition. Proposed enhancements to company product/site. Developed marketing plan with executive management. Worked directly with Head Research Specialist on developing multi-million dollar executive business plan. Participated in numerous technical support and inter-disciplinary activities. Developed material for C-level corporate communications.

CREATIA (CREATIA.ORG) - Denton, Texas 09/98 - 12/98
As a Web Consultant/Scientific Expert researched/read cutting edge scientific books/videos/documented interviews for the company website and wrote technical papers of them (ex. The Selfish Gene (R. Dawkins), Climbing Mount Improbable (Dawkins), The Web of Life (Fritjof Carpa), The End of Certainty (I. Prigogine), The Matter Myth, The Blind Watchmaker (Dawkins), and many recorded interviews with these authors), suggested ideas for the organization's website, and participated in discussion groups.

SPHERION TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTS  Los Angeles, California 10/01/00-08/09/01
Spherion Technology Architects is a Fortune 500 consulting practice that provides value-added consulting services and project support in the areas of Software Quality Management, Enterprise Application Integration, and Information Design Services. As a Consultant in Spherion's Southern California IDS (Information Design Services) practice, I have undertaken the following roles:

Internal Business Development Effort 06/01/01- 08/09/01
As Project Administrator, facilitated the flow of information among team consisting of 15 consultants with a goal of boosting branch market reach. Led RAD sessions and devised, developed, implemented and streamlined MS Access database application to track team effort and produce progress reports. Developed and standardized the business processes of the effort and built a project knowledge base consisting of various documents. Helped create "War Room" type of enthusiasm in team which increased efficiency and production. Participated in bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress, address issues and recommend solutions. Delivered standardized business procedure manuals, operational protocols, and project plan using various software (MS Office XP, Visio). Reported directly to Practice Director and Branch Manager.

Project HRMS Report Documentation (03/01/01 - 05/17/01):

As Project Administrator led a two-member team documenting 140 PeopleSoft 7.56 reports for the Help Desk of the Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) department to aid in the tech support of the various DWP departments that use these reports. Scoped out the project and developed deliverables and delivery timeline. Production process involved running reports, Subject Matter Expert interviewing and information gathering to understand business processes, expert documentation of the content and navigational menus of the reports based on stylistic guidelines, and creation of a report glossary of technical terminology. Adapted quickly to new business environment and the project was delivered on time and on budget.
Project Open Vision 01/01/01 - 03/01/01
As Assistant Project Administrator and Training Specialist joined team at a time when project was experiencing some performance issues. Learned project objectives, strategies, methods, style guide, and delivery processes and adapted to business environment and stakeholders. Boosted production within two weeks and helped bring project back on schedule and team back on its feet. Developed support material for LA DWP's new Oracle-backend Windows-front-end customer information system CIS-OV as part of a six member team. Production involved interviewing Subject Matter Experts, information gathering, development of storyboards, user guides, trainer guides, quick reference guides, training presentation slides, and an online help CBT system. Made improvements to production processes. Participated in weekly progress meetings and suggested ideas and strategies to solve production issues. Worked directly with Project Manager and assisted him in further developing the various project plans (risk management, quality assurance, test plan, training plan, etc.). Got exposed to the business intricacies of public utilities management and customer information systems. This was part of a 4-year multi-million dollar systems implementation project for the largest public utilities company in the world. Project was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded customer expectations.

Project Da Vinci
As a Project Administrator developed documentation for Enterprise Mortgage Lending and Processing proprietary system. Developed an Access application to capture all documentation information types in database. Documented front and backend of the proprietary software of GMAC as part of a 3-member team. Deliverable serves as building foundation for the next development phase of DA VINCI. Created a master project plan for the Project Manager to maintain.


As a Computer Support Specialist, ensured academic computer labs ran smoothly, troubleshot/fixed hardware/software problems, reported directly to Lab Manager and Network Administrator, identified problems in lab operation and suggested and implemented solutions, participated in some of the ongoing lab projects (e.g. Y2K testing).

As a Teaching Assistant, instructed chemistry freshman labs/classes, gave class lectures, corrected exams/quizzes/reports and taught students essential lab procedures, instilled sense of excitement about learning Chemistry. Walked three graduate students through the process of writing their MS/PhD. theses.

As a Research Assistant, conducted various research projects in Silicon Surface Science, managed the operation of the lab, trained/lead three freshmen and one graduate student in miscellaneous research projects, managed daily operation of the lab, managed supply and ordering and scientific equipment maintenance and repair.


- Chartered member of CIWEM. Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist.
- Member of the International Desalination Association (IDA)
- Prospective member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA)
- Recognized in June 2001 as one of Spherion's "Most Energetic Employees".
- Robert A. Welch Research Grant, U.N.T Summer '97
- Recipient of the Harriri Foundation scholarship and miscellaneous A.U.B scholarship grants 9/92 - 5/95
- Dean's Honor List, American University of Beirut, College of Arts and Sciences.
- Member of the Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) fraternity.


Love to spend time with family. Love to read. Passionate about photography. Love snorkeling, hiking/camping/mountain biking, cooking. Love to travel and experience different cultures. Environmental/Peace activism.