Shark Attack - Celebrating Christmas 2002 Karbone Style

So Cal Leb Gang

The Shark Measured Up to
The Spear Gun - 3 Feet +

Gear and Catch - Crouched


Kissy Kissy with My Catch

Gear and Catch - Standing


After having a very nice brunch with Luigi and his family at Shatzi on Main in Santa Monica, I went out to Point Dume beach to catch fish as a Christmas gift to the family that had invited me for dinner that afternoon (Deacon Georgefrom church). After an hour of snorkling and several failed attempts at some striped bass, I came across this horn shark lying by the bottom of a very beautiful reef. I just finished tasting the first shark soup I made out of it and extracted the horns - so far the biggest I have from the 4 sharks that I have caught... Deacon George told me after I called to make sure it would make an acceptable gift "I think the last thing that my wife wants to see right now is a fish!". I ended up giving them one of my favorite photos this fall as a gift.

Rami E. Cremesti

So Cal Leb Gang