Different Types of Metal Corrosion


1. Electrochemical induced by Chlorides, Oxygen and powered by the electrochemical cell

2. Induced by Low pH: H+ ions attack the metal and liberate Hygrogen

3. Microbial Induced Corrosion: SRB´s and IRB´s

4. Bimetallic Galvanic Corrosion

5. Chelant induced corrosion

6. Ammonia-accelerated corrosion in Copper systems

7. CO2 attack in condensate systems

8. Caustic corrosion of ferrous systems at High pH

9. Erosion corrosion

10. Dezincification: selective corrosion of Zinc in alloys

11. Graphitic Corrosion: Cast iron losing iron in salt water or acids.
Leaves the graphite in place, resulting in a soft weak metal.

12. Pitting Corrosion


Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.