Green and Sustainable Chemistry/Social Responsability


Sadhguru one of my favorite Hindu gurus says that the only business worth your time, the ultimate goal of every business is the business of Human Wellbeing... On that note:

Below are some topics in green chemistry and sustainable living which we are passionate about:

Click here for a presentation on Environmentally Friendly "Eco" Labels and Socially Responsability

Eco-friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Dry-Cleaning

Biodegradable biocides in water treatment

Low Phosphate or Phosphate free detergents for laundry

Biofilters for removing odors

Ozone instead of chlorine based disinfectants that create DBPs

Waste water treatment to protect ground water and surface water

Renewable energy: solar, wind, hydro. Look for products that are produced using renewable energy.

Living without plastics which are derived from petrochemicals. Biodegradable plastics. Use paper bags.

Envrionmental friendly dyes for clothing (low impact dyes).

Fairtrade cotton, coffee, bananas, diamonds, trace heavy metals for the mobile industry

Sustainable paper industry - Cut a Tree, Plant Ten

Consuming less and inner peace. Death to the World means death of desires for self gratification.

CO2 footprint of travel and transportation

Always Buy Locally sourced saves gas for shipping.

Fuel efficient cars

Energy efficient appliances

Food additives and Processed Food. Better to eat fresh and additive free food.

The pharmaceutical industry - treating disease with pharmaceuticals. Many spiritual teachers teach that 90% of disease is self created due to lack of spiritual awakening...

Pharmaceuticals in the Water we Drink and in the Rivers. How to remove them: AC Filters and AOPs.

Social Responsability - Business Must Care about The Society and about individual human beings.

Buy second hand

Recycle clothing

Eat Less

CFCs and your Fridge or HVAC

Passive House/Minergie - Costs Less Energy to Heat and Cool

Riding a Bicycle: good for your health and good for the environment.

Recycling: metal, plastic, glass, used cooking oil, paper, electronics, light bulbs

Biodiesel - recycling used cooking oil or producing Biodiesel from Algae

Sustainable Building Materials

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Fracking and Pollution


Compiled by Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.

Water Treatment Specialist and Power Station Chemist