Package Sewage Treatment Plants - Suppliers and Technologies



Below are some of the most prominent package sewage treatment plant suppliers in the market:

1. from Kingspan Enviro

2. GE Water ZeeWeed MBR Plants

3. ISEA from Italy

4. Puron Package MBR System from KOCH Membrane

5. Sismat from Turkey

6. Huber from Germany

7. Xpress MBR Package STP from Siemens Water

8. The Biorock - Electricity free package STP based on the trickling filter concept.

9. Clear Fox from PPU Umwelttechnik

10. Artas from Turkey

11. JS Umwelttechnik AG from CH

12. GES Israel

13. Klartechik from Germany

14. Graf from Germany

15. Busse Innovative Systeme from Germany

16. Martin Membrane Systems from Germany

17 MBR's from Siemens Water


Common Technologies used in package sewage treatment plants are:

1. Primary settling + Anoxic stage (optional) + activated sludge process (forced aeration ASP) + secondary settling + filtration + UV/Chlorine. Ofcourse there is the option of SBR (Sequence Batch Reactors) or separate aeration and settling tanks. These systems require blowers and/or pumps for aeration and sludge recirculation and periodic removal of excess sludge by licensed contractor.

2. MBR based systems (may require CIP skid)

3. RBC (Rotating Biological Contactors) based systems (ex Biodisk Canada)

4. Electricity free installations (Biorock)

5. Advanced Oxidation Processes as polishing step (UV + Ozone + Peroxide)

6. Septic tanks

7. NEREDA (for larger installations) uses the Granular Aerated Sludge process as an SBR system

8. Trickling Biological Filter based STP's


Typical Effluent characteristics/removal efficiency (listed for Biorock):

BOD5: 98.7 % (4 mg/l)
COD: 96.3 % (26 mg/l)
SS: 99.3 % (3 mg/l)



Compiled by Rami E. Kremesti M.Sc.