Below is an extensive array of water analysis parameters (source:



Acid Capacity

Acidity Actividad de Lodos Alcohol
Alkalinity Aluminium Ammonium AOCS-Colour Scale
AOX APHA-Colour Scale Arsenic ASTM-Colour Scale
Barium Beer Colour Benzotriazole Bitter Units
BOD Boron Bromine Cadmium
Carbonate Chloramine Chloride Chlorine
Chlorine Dioxide Chromium CIE Lab Cobalt
COD Coliform Bacteria/Membrane Filtration Coliform Bacteria/MPN Coliform Bacteria/Paddle Tester
Coliform Bacteria/Presence+Absence Color developer CD 2/3/4 Conductivity Copper
Cyanide Cyanuric Acid DAB-Colour Scale Denitrifying Bacteria/BART
Disinfection Control/Paddle Tester E. coli/Membrane Filtration E. Coli/NMP E. coli/Presence+Absence
Edible Oil Colour Scale Enzymatic Tests Fat-Colour Scale Fecal Coliform Bacteria/Membrane Filtration
Fecal Coliform Bacteria/MPN Flow and Level Fluorescent Pseudomonas species/BART Fluoride
Formaldehyde Gardner-Colour Scale Gloss Hazen-Colour Scale
Hess-Ives-Colour Scale Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria/BART Heterotrophic Bacteria/Membrane Filtration Hunter Lab-Colour Scale
Hydrazine Hydrogen Peroxide Hypochlorite Iodine
Iron Iron Related Bacteria/BART Jod-Colour Scale Klett-Colour Scale
Lead Magnesium Manganese MEBAK
Menthol Mercury Mineral Oil-Colour Scale Molybdenum
Nickel Nitrate Nitrifying Bacteria/BART Nitrite
Organic acids Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Oxygen Oxygen (echem.)
Oxygen Scavengers Ozone Particle PCB
pH Pharmacopea-Colour Scale Phenols Phosphate
Phosphate, ortho Phosphate, total Phosphonate Phosphoric acid
Photometric Jodine Sample Pigments Potassium Pseudomonas/Membrane Filtration
Quarternary Ammonium Compounds Reduction agents Residual Hardness SAC
Selenium Seybolt-Colour Scale Silicic Acid Silver
Slime Forming Bacteria/BART Sludge Concentration Sludge Index Sludge Level
Sludge Volume Sodium Standard Colour Scale Starch
Sugar Colour in accordance with ICUMSA Sulfate Reducing Bacteria/BART Sulphate Sulphide
Sulphite Surfactants Tannin and Lignin Taste Stability
Tin TOC Total alcalinity Total Bacteria/MPN
Total hardness Total N Toxicity Trihalomethane
Turbidity Turbidity Sludge Vicinal Dicetones Volatile Acids
Volatile Acids Water Hardness White Index Yeast&Mold/Paddle Tester
Yellowness-Index Zinc