Industrial Water Treatment Training &

 Chemistry Tutoring in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

for College (High school) and First Year University (Freshman) Level As Well As Industry


I tutor Chemistry and I love it.... My students end up loving it too...

Qualifications: I have a BS and MS in Chemistry from the USA and a proven record of tutoring and mentoring success stories. I am a Rawdah High School graduate (Matheleme program 1992)|: RHS is one of the toughest private highschools in Lebanon. I currently live in Sale, Cheshire county 15 mins from manchester city center. I work at Carrington Power Station as a commissioning chemist.

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My motto in teaching chemistry is simple: Break down Chemistry into basic principles that make common sense and teach it in a didactic (fun) and exciting way, encourage independent thinking and convey the depth and the practical applicability and every-day-life importance of the science of chemistry. My philosophy is to encourage the timid students, challenge the gifted ones and not just teach raw knowledge but at the same time be a mentor, friend and role model to my students (some students need an understanding mentor not a judgemental parent). "Praise and encouragement are some of the most important people builders" a people coach once told me. But I also believe that a true friend is "a hard bed" as the saying goes. A good friend pushes his friends to live up to highers standards... This is something the educational "systems" such as Sylvan and Kaplan cannot provide...

I specialize in one-on-one and small group chemistry tutoring. I have tutored and still tutor many students from various high schools and some colleges and universities in Los Angeles. I was a permanent substitute Chemistry teacher at the prestigious Brentwood School in Brentwood in January and February 2002 (but decided that working withing Educational Bureaucracies puts a limit on my talent as a teacher). I was a college freshman chemistry Teaching Assistant for two years throughout graduate school and my students were TAMS students (Texas Academy of Math and Science) - the most talented and brilliant high-schoolers taking college classes for high school credit. I was also a professionally trained SAT I and II math and chemistry tutor with the tutoring agencies Ivy West and Ace Educational in Los Angeles. I work as a water treatment specialist and power station chemist and I keep abreast the latest cutting edge research in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I always try to bring to my students a glimpse of this exciting, cutting edge science and technology. But I don't mind telling them about the Limits of Science either... To push them to explore other areas of human thinking (and non-thinking spirituality).

Areas in which my students show considerable progress in, after I work with them are:

1. Grades (through practice, and innovative test taking strategies)
2. Sense of Direction and Motivation (through encouragement and mentoring)
3. Self-confidence (by solving problems and teaching self-reliance)
4. Self-reliance
5. Dealing with exam stress and anxiety
6. A deeper appreciation of math, science and their Ethics and philosophy
7. Discipline
8. Independant thinking (by stimulating discussions)
9. Test-taking strategies and learning techniques (ex. innovative semantic and logical analysis of chemistry)
10. The college application process (Kaplan and Sylvan make rip-off sums of money charging consulting fees for this simple process - up to 1500$/student)
11. Career-planning (having worked in several industries, I have hands on knowledge of the job mnarket)

My rate is 50-75 GBP/hr on a sliding scale depending on location and occupation of student/parents (some of my students are Hollywood actors). My rate is not as expensive as what the best tutoring agencies charge (100 GBP+) because we cut the middle-man, i.e. we eliminate the cost of "paper pushing".

Ask about my AP and SAT II Chemistry 20-hour Boot Camp course available to students applying to US universities who are ready to take the SAT II (travel expenses and lodging must be covered by student or his parents). Inquiries from High Schools interested in exposing their students to an alternative style of teaching chemistry are welcome.

For more info, or references please contact me via email at rami@kremesti.com 

Rami E. Kremesti BS, MS

Educational Consultant

"The Paper Pushing Stops Here !"


Below I have compiled some success stories from my tutoring experiences.

Success Stories:

Carina - Private High School in Pasadena. I am tutoring Carina in SAT II Chemistry. She is Ivy-League bound, and wants to major in Linguistics. For this reason, de temp-a-temp, I try to teach her chemistry through the semantics and the etymology of words and/or mnemonics in chemistry. Some of the SAT questions we cracked just by analyzing the semantics, without even knowing the chemistry ! Carina has never been so passionate about chemistry...

Jana - USC prospective graduate student in Physical Therapy. Taking chemistry 105B as part of pre-requisites to enter program. Whenever we solved chem problems I told her about the significance of some of the chemicals we were studying to sports medicine. For example, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) fizzes when it touches a wound because the iron in the hemoglobin in blood catalyzes its decomposition to oxygen and water. The oxygen is what kills the bacteria. And I told her, to her great excitement, that NO (nitric oxide), whose kinetics we were studying, is the molecule that is behind cardiac drugs and Viagra!

Ishan Malik - Senior at Beverly Hills High School. Isham is taking the AP Chem exam in May, 2004. When I first started with him, he had problems understanding Titrations and buffers. After a one hour session, his confidence was up. We are working on "Cracking the AP Exam" problems now.

Lauren Mayhiew - Senior at Berkley Preparatory School, Tempe, Florida (UCLA bound). Lauren is taking the AP Chem exam in May 2004. She is brilliant but with her busy S.A.G. acting schedule in Los Angeles, she needs that little extra help when she gets stuck doing her home-schooling assignments. Before she discovered with me, she tried three other tutors which included a former college Chemistry professor that she had to teach how to do certain problems... Lauren and her mom referred my name to the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) because she knows many young kids that are also actors and could use my help in their home schooling.

Karin Shiozaki - North Hollywood High - Sophomore. Karin is taking the AP Chem exam also in May 2004 and me and her are doing Cracking The AP Chem Exam problem solving jam sessions - the best preparation for the exam. She keeps telling me "now it makes sense..." while we crack those problems together. Her dad says to me "i can see the sparkle in her eyes..."

David Jones - Junior, class of 2005, Oaks Christian High School, Westlake Village.
David is a brilliant kid. He is taking the AP Chem exam in May 2004. We are just practicing APChem problems and he needs a boost of morale - someone to tell him that the AP Chem exam is a piece of cake and that he can do it! Before finding me, David tried several "chemistry tutors" to no avail - one of them a Medical student.

Katrina Walasik - 2004 Senior at North Hollywood High
(Katrina is one of the distinguished NoHo students that needs help doing her HW
and solving those few "unsolvable" problems )

KIM MINTZLAFF - graduated Shenandoah High (Pre-med, A-student. Her professor is a PhD type and does not, sometimes, explain himself in down-to-earth terms. That's where my easy-to-grasp explanations of Chemistry come in handy)

Heather Corbin - graduated Santa Monica Highschool (Samohi) (Helped her out in 2003 with understanding the Chemistry material)

Erez Goldman - graduated SamoHi (Currently at UC Santa Barbra - BioBehavioral Science major, doing great in his Freshman Chem classes coz I helped him build a solid Chemistry foundation)

Daniel Romotski - SamoHi. Friend of Erez Goldman. Sometimes I tutored them as a group of two and charged them time and a half per hour.


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