Water Treatment Chemical Categories

by Rami E. Kremesti BS, MS - Water Treatment Chemist/Consultant


Water treatment chemicals fall, in general, into one of the following categories:

A Corrosion Inhibitors (Cathodic, anodic, galvanic, filmers)

B Anti-Scalants/Dispersants (threshold inhibitors, sequestrants)

C Anti and De-Foaming Compounds 

D Heavy Metal Precipitators

E Odor Control Agents

F Oxygen Scavengers (sulfites, hydrazine, Carbohydrazide)

G Organic Metal Filmers

H Coagulants

I Flocculants

J - Biocides (oxidizing and non-oxidizing)

- Chlorine, hyprochlorous acid and Bromine are common oxidizing biocides
- Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) & Silver (Ag) is another one

K - Cleaners (scale cleaners, grease cleaners, corrosion cleaners)

L RO Membrane Chemicals (Anti-scalants and cleaners)

M Chelating agents

N Tracer chemicals (used to detect leaks in water systems)

O Analytical reagents

P - Proppants (used in fracking to prop cracks open)

Q. Gelling agents (used in fracking)

R. Cross Linkers (used in fracking)

Prepared by Rami E. Cremesti BS, MS



Last Updated September 5, 2012