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This is a section that has nothing to do with water treaetment, web design or Internet consulting. This section is only about the aesthetic...

Ever been overwhelmed by a deep gut feeling of beauty or sadness ? Here you can read parables, stories, poems, quotes and aesthetic experiences .... I have also compiled a list of my favorite movies and pieces of music. Also check out my Food of Love page and my La Dolce Biblioteca page. Also, one of the greatest passions of, Eccé Photo. Check out my Super Single Malts page on the best Single Malt Whiskies

We The Cretans - by Markos The Destroyer

What Happiness Is - from Zorba The Greek

Vir Vivens Laetisimus - Poem by Remulus of Arabia

Remulus of Arabia - Poem by Remulus Elias Cremestis - Inspired by The Pain

Alone - from "The March Toward the Front" - from The Axion Esti by Odysseus Elytis

On War and Poetry - by Odysseus Elytis (Nobel Prize Laureate)

The Life of The Warrior - by Markos The Destroyer  Ph.D Theoretical Physics

You Are Alone - A Message of Courage - by Alexander The Russian Mob

Forlorn Hope - Parable by Remulus Elias Cremestis - Inspired by Ekaterina Abguzova

Walt Whitman poems - American Poet
Rumi - A Poet from Afghanistan
Kabir - A Poet from India
Mahmoud Darwish - Palestinian Poet

Beautiful Songs/Pieces: (comments by Rami E. Cremesti)

Mahler's First Symphony, 2nd Movement

Songs by MANOWAR - "Heart of Steel", "Mountains", "Master of The Wind", "Today Is A Good Day to Die", "Spirit Horse of The Cherokee", "Defender", and "Bridge of Death" are songs of Nobility, Honor, and Courage that I listen to in the heaviest moments in my miserable life...

"Brother" by Steve Vai - A most beautiful song about "the blood that's thicker than water"... About Brotherly and Fathery Love...

Isma'a Ya Rida (Listen... Rida) - by Ziad Rahbani. Ziad Rahbani is a genius... He is a sarcastic, Lebanese social refromer and critic, an artist, a musician, and an actor. His songs use plain, simple Lebanese lyrics, but touch upon deep social issues, both Lebanese and outside the border. His style is amazing... At the facade, a combination of sarcasm, caricature, and mockery, which I think, are a mask Ziad puts on. I believe that he is a very deep thinker and a very sensitive artist and human being. His music is one of a kind... He weds middle-eastern music with Western Jazz to create an eclectic music that makes Ziad Rahbani stand in a class of his own. Ziad is part of my national Pride. He makes me proud of being Lebanese. What's ironic is that i never listened to Ziad while growing up in Lebanon. I started to appreacite him when I moved to the USA. Ya Nour 'Inayyah, Aishee Wa7da Balak, Ataba, and many more are most beautiful songs.... Great tunes and beautiful, simple lyrics... Touching upon deep human feelings.

Dead Can Dance: The Host of Seraphim. Beautiful, mystical music from Ireland. Dead Can Dance combines elements of European folk music -- particularly music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance -- with ambient pop and worldbeat flourishes. Their songs are of lost beauty, regret and sorrow, inspiration and nobility, and of the everlasting human goal of attaining a meaningful existence.

U2 - Mothers of The Disappeared. I dedicate this song to all the mothers in Lebanon and Syria who lost sons or loved ones in the Lebanese Civil War. A most beautiful song, about the deepest of pains... Click here for the Guitar Chords and beautiful lyrics.

"Desert Rose" by Sting and Cha'ab Mamey - Recently, Sting gained my eternal respect and admiration with his new release "Desert Rose"... The intro and Arabic undertones are Moroccan - in case you were wondering.

Marcel Khalifeh - "Oummi" (my mother). For all of you arabs, a very beautiful song. Marcel makes me proud of being Lebanese. I recently discovered a most beautiful song of Marcel Khalifeh. It is called Diaries of A Palestinian Wound (Yawmiyyaat Jorh Falasteeni). A most beautiful, hair-raising eclectic mix of Arabic musical instruments (Ou'd, violin and a sad, crying flute), heavy-metal power chords and drums, and a pain-ridden voice of the lady singer... The words express the pain of the Palestinian People. "My country is not a suitcase..." goes the song... "and I am not a traveller... I am the one in Love... And my land is my Lover"...

Nina Simone: "Wild Is The Wind" (a blues song like no other, with classical undertones), "Willow Weep For Me", "I Don't Want Him" and many others are some of the best old school blues and jazz songs of all time.

Bryan Adams: "To Really Love A Woman". Guys, when you start feeling the things this song talks about toward someone, you know you are beginning to mature... Also, another indication of maturity is when you start to find pregnant women beautiful...

Ozzy Osbourne: "I Just Want You" (Epical, philosophical and romantic song with the haunting vocals of Ozzy and the guitar of amazing Zakk Wykde - from the Ozzmosis album).

Sadé: "Pearls", "Like A Tattoo", "Jezebel", "No Ordinary Love", and many other titles are songs with a depth of meaning and emotion that's hard to find. A unique voice, a unique singer, a unique woman. Sadé is too much...

Emma Shaplin: Spente Le Stelle (Modern Italian Opera)

Khaled: Aicha (Rai: French/Arabic). Beautiful song about the Queen of Sheba, of Arabia. If you want an incentive to start learning French, this song is a good place to start. Beautiful lyrics. Great music. A song about a modern Arab woman.

LeonCavallo: Pagliacci (Italian Opera - The saddest opera ever...). Act 15 is too much...

Smetana: The Moldau (Classical). Hair raising, deeply emotional, romantic music. If I were Chzeck, I'd be proud of my heritage...

Soundtrack: The Talented Mr. Ripley (Jazz) - Jazz is the embodiment of Black tragi-comedy says professor Cornel West.

Nikolaii Rimsky Korsakov: Shehrazad (Classical). The sound of the East at its most sublime, from the musical genius of a Russian composer.

Demis Roussos: Wounded Russian Soldier. He begs his comrades to advance and leave him behind... To fight for Mother Russia... He is intoxicated by visions of victory as a wolf pack closes down slowly on him...

Sabri Brothers: (Pakistani Music with a Sufi mystical experience).

Gypsy Kings: "Mira La Itana Mora" (Andalusian Flamenco), "Trista Pena" are beautiful.

Soundtrack: "Underground" (Yugoslavian Music)

Inva Mulla Tchako: "The Diva Dance" from the Soundtrack of The Fifth Element (Modern Opera)

Everlast: What It's Like and Put Your Lights On (Rock/Blues)

Metallica: S & M (Symphony and Metal). An Eclectic, original blend of Metallica Metal and Classical Symphony. "No Leaf Clover" is too much for me...

My Friend of Misery - Metallica (a tribute to my brother, Markos The Destroyer - BS, MS, PhD, Theoretical Physics.

Aenema by TOOL - Beautiful, Rageful song about the "hopeless fucking hole we call L.A."

Cezaria Evora (Portugese singer, a voice sent from Heaven). I learned about her from my friend, Luigi's dad who played her "Best of" CD every night before he went to bed.

Sade - Pearls

Bob Marley - Pirates, No Woman No Cry


Favorite Movies: (No Particular Order)

1. Kolya (Foreign - Chzeckoslovakian)

2. Braveheart - Mel Gibson

3. One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest - with Jack Nicholson

4. La Vita e Bella - With Roberto Benini

5. Shadowlands with Anthony Hoppkins

6. Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks

7. Underground (Foreign: Yugoslavian - Movie ends with Chilling soundtrack)

8. Good Will Hunting - Mat Daemon

9. Rain Maker - Mat Daemon

10. Analyze This - Robert DeNiro (V.V. Funny)

11. Flawless - With Robert DeNiro (V. Funny and a powerful drama about Life)

12. Legends of The Fall - w/ Brad Pit

13. Meet Joe Black - w/ Brad Pit

14. Deuce Bigalo - American Jigalo (V.V. Funny)

15. Belle Epoque (Spanish - V. Sweet Comedy)

16. La Dolce Vita - Directed by Franco Zeferelli

17. LEON (known in the US as The Professional) - Drama

18. The Fountainhead (Classical Blacj and White movie with Gary Cooper). Based on Ayn Rand's book, The Fountainhead.

19. "Dancer In The Dark" Starring Björk - Winter 2000. You must not make it through life withouth seeing this movie. Directed by Swedish Director Von Trier. Unbearable emotions......... Monomaniacal saint-hood... Chilling soundtrack. Winner of Cannes Film Festival "Best Picture" and "Best Female Actress". "GOD-send" called it some movie critics.

20 - Dirty Pretty Things - movie about the trials illigal immigrants in the UK have to go through.

21. Together - Chinese movie about a father and his violinist son. Made me "ball" in tears.

22. Max - movie about the artistic struggles of Adolf Hitler before he rose to political power. ("we both have been to the trenches Hitler, but what does it FEEL like to be in the trenches, THAT is Art Hitler !" favorite quote). Saw the movie with my ex-girlfriend in Dec. 2002.

23. Cold Mountain - with Renee Zelweger and Nicole Kidman. (the woman says when all the men cheer about the prospect of going to war "if I could annihilate all metal in this world I would"). The scene when the Indian jumps into the "pit" to save his brothers-in-arms, is hair-raising...

24. The Saddest Music In The World

25. Bukowski: Born Into This

26. Control Room

27. Fahranheit 9/11

28. The Corporation

29.  Beads and Trinkets (LinkTV Documentary)

30. 300 - one of the greatest movies of all time with Gerard Butler... about Spartan King Leonidas and his courageous 300 soldiers who stood up to the Persian army of Xerxes

31. In Your Shoes - one of the greatest movies of Cameron Diaz... about two sisters and their grandmother. Cameron Diaz has some attitude and character issues that anger her sister. Their father kept them away from their grandmother. Their mom committeted suicide while their were young...

32. The Straight Story - a touching film by David Lynch about an old man who goes to see his ill brother driving his lawn mower across several states...

33. The Infidel - a beautiful movie about a Muslim man who discovers that he was adopted and that he was actually born Jewish!!!

34. Rabbit Proof Fence - touching film based on a true story about three half-caste Australian Aboriginee girls that are taken away from their mom, installed in a state run home, run away and trek 1400 miles across the rabbit-proof fence in the desert to be with their mom in Jigalong.


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